Maximize the impact of your project.

The HSA track gives students the option to build a project that is of direct relevance to one of HSA’s many businesses. HSA has great visibility in the Cambridge business community and a large customer base, giving your project the chance to make an immediate impact on campus.

The following list of projects covers a wide range of agencies and address particular pain points that the agencies face or potential areas for growth. Last year, one of our student employees at HSA Cleaners created a mobile app for his CS50 final project that is used by every delivery associate today. It dramatically streamlined delivery operations and is estimated to save thousands of dollars worth of operating expenses every year.

The below list of projects are merely strong recommendations for what a good project might look like; you are, however, welcome to propose an HSA-related project that is not on the below list. We encourage you to consult with a current HSA manager to help define the specs of your project. At the time of completion, you may be given the opportunity to fully integrate your final project into HSA next spring in a paid position.

Please direct any questions and inquiries to Stephen Xi, at