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Who We Are

HSA Strategy is an internal management consulting program, aimed at advising HSA agencies on strategic decisions, market analysis and other business solutions. Analysts in HSA Strategy select a business problem facing a specific agency and conduct rigorous analysis to yield practical and robust management recommendations. Working within the Harvard Student Agencies, analysts have the rare opportunity to ensure their recommendations are actually implemented. Rather than focusing on the details of spreadsheets, we develop the business genius that matters.

At HSA Strategy, we value ideas over slides.

What We Do

HSA Strategy prides itself on developing superior business acumen for analysts and servicing the Harvard Student Agencies with fresh perspectives. HSA Strategy strives:

To Provide Analysts

  • A robust introduction to the field of management consulting, in-depth training for practical business skills and exclusive workshopping opportunities
  • Exposure across various industrial sectors, including retail e-commerce, media production and informational publishing
  • A guaranteed platform to see business recommendations implemented and opportunities to lead new initiatives
  • Access to HSA’s powerful business network, including: alumni mentorship, invitations to networking events, Board meetings and business development trainings

To Provide HSA

  • Fresh and diverse business perspectives to HSA agency product development, growth strategy, and other areas of management operations
  • Consistent innovation across agencies, stemming from the immense creative and problem solving talent found on Harvard’s campus

Join Strategy

HSA Strategy recruits at the beginning of each semester. Applications for Fall 2017 will be available soon.